As days pass

Since George passed away, I knew I needed to do something for him but wasn't sure what. I toyed with an idea of doing things in his name but didn’t know how to implement this or even whether it was a good idea.

So many things I did in the past and didn’t talk about it or even write them down first, I just had my bucket list in my mind, such as ‘fall more deeply in love with my partner every day.... check, get marry to my best friend.... check. but now I needed to do it for our baby, he would never take his first step, meet a girl, settle down, graduate or give us great kids. What a challenge!

I slowly began doing things, for that past few years, I ran in the Great North Run in his name, but this didn’t feel enough. George’s life and death have taught me that life is not guaranteed. Time is not a given. I have now written my bucket list for my son and will scratch things off in his name.

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